North Windsurfing

If there’s one name to remember it’s Lowell North’s

If there’s one name to remember it’s Lowell North’s (1927). After leaving a career in aerospace engineering in 1957, he decided to become a sailmaker. Lowell always relied on science and quantifiable methods in becoming and creating the best of the best. North Sails was born.

While retiring himself in 1984, the spirits of Lowell remain a solid foundation for the many years to come. The implementation of computers and accompanying simulations in the late 50s and 60s, by great minds like Heiner Meldner, Tom Schnackenberg and Michael Richelson, have led North Sails to where it is today.

What started with the first seamless molded sails for the America’s cup back in 1992, completely changed the ways of sailmaking with the introduction of the 3Di construction by America’s Cup winner Alinghi in 2007.

North Windsurfing

- Lowell North

When North Sails brought the brand home under the North Technology Group in 2018, it was time to start implementing this groundbreaking construction in windsurfing sails as well.

Just four years later, 40 years after entering the market, North Sails Windsurfing is back stronger than ever with 3Di molded windsurfing sails. As it has done before, 3Di will reset the course of an entire sport.

North Windsurfing