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With North Sails’ new Wave sail windsurfing has changed in ways you couldn’t have imagined. For the better. This featherweight sail wants to be thrown around. Low swing weight gives you maximum precision while doing so, allowing you to surf as hard as ... you are willing to push it. No stitching, no seams. All moulded into one piece out of exclusive Dyneema Aramid Fibers, giving you a super strong sail that will be in your quiver for many years to come. This sail is designed for the most radical of wave sailors in the most radical of conditions, charging down the line with a very active sailing style. The waves are its home. Truly a wave sail unlike any other sail out there today. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond.

product code: 55000.210003

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  • 3Di Molded Technology
  • Integrated Material Reinforcements
  • Integrated Batten Pockets
  • Rock-it Batten Tensioner
  • EZ Clew
  • EZ Downhaul Wave


  • 3Di Dyneema Aramid Tape Material
  • Clear monofilm window
  • 3Di Composite Luff Sleeve

Design Profile

Wave specific outline, profile, and batten geometry to give a performance-oriented wave sail that is very active, agile, and playful in the surf.
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North Windsurfing
North Windsurfing
North Windsurfing
North Windsurfing

"The way the sail absorbs the wind and transforms it into forward drive is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The power comes on smoothly, but at the same time remains very reactive."

North Windsurfing