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The X-Over sail range is designed to excel in all water and wind conditions, no matter what the day throws at you. Up to size 6.2, the X-Over is a power wave sail with an incredibly low swing weight, allowing you to express ... yourself on the wave in all conditions. The power and stability make the sail ideal for jumping, launching you into the upper airs. The 6.7 and 7.4 are free move sails, ideal for flatwater freeriding with stability, constant top-end speed, light in the hands, a huge wind range, and easy to sail upwind. No stitching, no seams. One piece 3Di Moulded sails maximizing in durability. Revolutionary technology for windsurfing, brought to you exclusively by North Sails. Go Beyond.

product code: 55000.210010


  • 3Di Molded Technology
  • Integrated Material Reinforcements
  • Integrated Batten Pockets
  • Rock-it Batten Tensioner
  • EZ Clew
  • EZ Downhaul Wave
  • Design Profile Sizes <6.2: Drive-oriented Wave Sail
  • Design Profile Sizes 6.7 & 7.4: Early Planing Freeride Sail


  • 3Di Dyneema Aramid Tape Material
  • X-Ply Window
  • Coated Polyester Sleeve
Design Profile <6.2 image

Design Profile <6.2

In the smaller sizes, the sail has an X-Over specific outline, profile, and batten geometry to give a powerful and drive-oriented wave sail, ideal in all world conditions, from cross wind to onshore.
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"The X-Over sails offer a little more stability and locked in profile compared to the Wave Sails. It will definitely be my go-to sail in extreme conditions when stability in the air is important or when the conditions are slightly onshore."

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